Davis Woods

Condominium Association

16881 Davis Road Fort Myers, FL 33908

Managed by Schoo Association Management    9403 Cypress Lake Drive - Suite C                                    Fort Myers, FL 33919                                              (239) 362-3091 Office (239) 362-0894  Fax

Owners at Davis Woods - Please contact Brandee Peterson ( for information about access to the Davis Woods Members Portal.  She will verify your ownership, and only then give you password access.

A Condominium - is a form of property ownership involving multiple unit dwellings where a person owns his or her individual unit, but the common areas are owned in common. All members share in the costs and maintenance of the common areas. A perfect example of a condo is a large apartment building where you own your individual apartment, but also share in the maintenance of the building's roof, hallways, lobby, elevators, driveway, landscaping, pools, fitness center, and other amenities.

To all owners,                                                                                                                                                                    It is your responsibility!  Your Davis Woods board can not stress enough the importance of owners allowing access to there units to have lanai work and inspections completed. With this restoration project winding down the need for completion and inspection is very important and is ultimately the responsible of owners. This is the final notice to owners, please make sure you work with the management company to gain access otherwise your work and inspection can not be accomplished without access. 

Please contact Schoo Association Management, LLC and provide a means of access to your Lanai

Mr. Dick Rourke (239) 362-3091 is the appropriate contact at Schoo Association Management 

  Thank you,

  The Board of Directors 



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